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Anant, community in awareness, is an architectural project created so that its residents can live life to its fullest potential when it comes to life quality, health and wellness. All of this, while also providing services that achieve best practices in security, safety and excellence. its desing and functionality highlight the natural heritage of the region, upholding the enviromental resources in an integrated and sustainable way. 

Anant was born to the benefit of its inhabitants, to embrace and shelter them. Anant offers undeniable reasons for living community life in understanding, harmony and inclusiveness.

We put people at the center of our project to fulfill a new way of living.
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Anant,  is a private community in Playa del Carmen at the shores of the Caribbean Sea, in one of the most thriving and touristic regions of Mexico.

The project has option in health, wellness, shopping, services & experiences targeted towards the high-end, luxury level while managing to merge the activities with the surrounding nature of the area.

Located at the Corasol residential development, Anant presents unique experiences and benefits such as the exclusive golf course Gran Coyote and the biggest beach club in the region.

Anant, La Paz, BCS, is a private community with a view to the calm, turquoise waters ofthe Cortes Sea, Offering front row seats to thousand-colored sunsets beyond compare. The project offers option in health, sports, experiences and activities close to nature that make good on having an excellent quality of life.

Located at the Pedregal de la Paz residential development, it presents a unique opportunity, a space to coexist in harmony with nature while being in a private, sophisticated environment.

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Anant Antigua, is a private community within the Finca Filadelfia, located in the most famous region as a tourist destination by excellence in Guatemala. The project will have medical and wellness services, unique experiences, activities around nature and excellent services.
Located within Finca Filadelfia, Anant will function as a tourist destination in Antigua.

The place offers various activities for all ages. The place is recognized for the cultivation of high quality coffee thanks to its climate, altitude and fertile volcanic soils. Surrounded by volcanoes and close to the city of Antigua, famous for its Spanish colonial buildings, it offers magical natural beauty.